Smart Speaker come out soon

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Smart speaker,
a speaker is a product upgrade, is a tool used for voice family consumer access to the Internet, such as VOD songs, online shopping, or know the weather forecast, it can also control the intelligent equipment such as Home Furnishing, open the curtains, set the refrigerator temperature, let the water heater temperature ahead
Functional editor
Smart speaker representative products, Echo behind Amazon Alexa, and its predecessor Siri, actually belong to intelligent voice technology. Its core is very brief - to make the machine have the ability to approximate people in the speech dialogue. Smart speakers become small appliances generally exist, penetrate into people‘s daily living space.

Editor in chief
A domestic intelligent speaker to practitioners through the end of the month: "while the domestic intelligent speaker current production and sales are still thousands of floating, the best selling or Jingdong ding-a-dong, but the actual number is still far less than Echo. The largest number is still a lot of small manufacturers produced poor smart speaker products, that kind of product in 10 sentences, there are 2 words, there is a good response."

November 2014 officially released more than 2 years, the Amazon Echo smart speakers have become one of the hottest smart home products on the market, people can use Echo voice control appliances, purchase goods, query consulting. According to eMarketer, a research firm, about 36 million users in the United States use a voice control speaker every month, and that number is still expanding.

Technical development editor
The products need not stop iterative improvement, to ensure the stability of network connection; such as a fine speaker requires repeated adjustments and appearance design; such as interactive voice needs a good voice, while the speaker itself will sound, in the far field wake intelligent speaker, you need to remove the voice of the speaker itself; even when the volume is big. The vibration will also affect the receiving sound, so between the sound cavity and the microphone distance are needed to be considered.

The "split development" problem in the smart speaker Market: the seemingly smart speakers want to actually implement everyday voice interaction, in fact, all technical problems. It is these problems that make China‘s intelligent voice market development slow, and the biggest impact is the machine‘s understanding of Chinese, that is, we commonly known as NLP.