How Will Smart Wearable Devices Influence Our Future Life?

Time:2015-09-11 Views:1547
Experts believe that 2014 is the year when wearable technology is going to become a huge trend. 
Although it has existed for several years, consumers are finally realizing the many benefits of 
wearable technology and starting to buy into these products. In the next few years, expect to see 
huge changes in the way that people interact with each other, track their health, and stay 
connected because of this trend.
Wearable Technology, What is It?
Wearable technology encompasses a broad range of devices that are worn. These devices could be a 
strap, glasses, or even a shirt, but all of them have embedded electronics and are known as 
‘smart‘. Many of these devices are customizable and connect to the internet or to other devices 
through either Wi-Fi, NFC, or Bluetooth. The technology built into the devices has a huge range 
of new and proposed functions. They can even be upgraded and enhanced to suit a user‘s needs or 
Health and Fitness
One of the ways that wearable technology is going to change the future is by giving users greater 
insight and flexibility into their health and fitness. For example, Trendwoo, a company that 
specializes in wearable technology, has developed a product Motion stereo headphones. These 
headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices and can be worn while running or 
exercising, allowing the user to have hands-free control of their music or audio controls at all 
times. This devices also has a heart rate monitor, which is a huge benefit of wearable 
technology. For users who need to keep their heart rate within a certain range or want to meet 
certain workout goals, supplying this information through a wearable device is a huge benefit.
Other devices can be used to track physical activity and help users meet certain workout goals or 
keep track of their health trends over time. With these new devices, users are going to be more 
informed about their health and fitness with wearable technology that transmits information to 
apps and other devices. Expect to see a huge expanse of these devices in the fitness and health 
Improved Connectivity
People today want to have access to all their devices without having them present. With wearable 
technology, people now have the option to have more control while away from a computer or phone. 
Specialized apps and equipment allow users to control their devices when they‘re not home, giving 
greater piece of mind and security. In the future, expect to see an increase in the usage of 
these products. People want to make sure that they have access to everything that‘s needed, so 
with these advances, people won‘t have to take as many devices with them on the road and have 
more control when they‘re away. Overall, this trend is going to lead to greater security and an 
improved response time. 
Rapid Changes
Technological experts agree that with the huge advances made in wearable technology, 2014 is 
going to be the year that these devices become widespread. Many people already use them to track 
health and fitness, stay connection, and increase security. Wearable technology simplifies many 
processes and lets each person have greater control on a daily basis.